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Project Deli allows people from Virac to order food online – almost like GrabFood or FoodPanda

Project Deli

Gusto mo ba makita ang menu ng mga restaurants sa Virac sa isang website?
Gusto mo ba maka-order online ng food from your favorite restaurant at i-deliver sa bahay ninyo lalo na ngayon mahirap lumabas dahil sa ECQ?

Great news mga ka-isla!
Zchedulista Catanduanes through its local tourism branding CatanduanesNow has launched the first online food ordering in the province. This project is called Project Deli which gives us a hint that it’s about delivery – with a tagline “Deliciously and Delicately Delivered”.

This project has two structures.

  1. Zchedulista will create a website under its domain for restaurants with internet capability so that their menu is readily available for viewing and ordering directly on the website. The restaurants will have a back-end mobile app to where the staff will accept and confirm the order directly from it.
    1. Example of this are Café de Au and Di’s Diner Pizza’s websites at and respectively
  2. Zchedulista has created a centralized website where all partner restaurants’ menus are uploaded and readily available for viewing and ordering. This is because not all restaurants are capable to accept orders directly due to internet connectivity. The staff of Zchedulista will then accept and confirm the orders and forward the details for the respective restaurant for confirmation and fulfillment.

As of today, we have partnered with 4 existing restaurants that have delivery options to cater to the needs of the people. In the next few days, we will continue to partner with restaurants that offer delivery option and have their menus uploaded on the website.

The following are the restaurant with existing menus available for ordering and more restaurants will be added soon:

  1. Café de Au
  2. Di’s Diner Pizza
  3. Fernando’s Asian Cuisine
  4. Chicken Deli

This project is one way of us helping the people of Virac in this time of crisis at the same time making our partner restaurants more productive and able to adapt to the needs and demands of the people. Project Deli is the first online ordering platform in the province and it is only temporary while there is a quarantine being imposed. We will assess and evaluate the outcome of this project and there’s always a possibility of extending and making this as a permanent solution.

How it Works

The process is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Go to the website of Project Deli at

Project Deli

Click the “See MENU and Order” button and select the items you want to order.
*Press CTRL+F (desktop) or Find in Page (mobile) if you want to go a quick search.
*Please take note of each restaurant’s minimum order requirement and business hours.

Proceed to checkout, enter your details, wait for the confirmation and wait until the food arrives at your doorstep.

Project Deli


If you are ordering past the cut-off time, you can submit your order ahead for the next few days.

We hope that Project Deli will be a great tool for you to get food on your tables without the worries of going outside and getting the dreaded Covid-19. Plus, it saves you time, effort and money as well.

Mayad na aldaw sa gabos.